Looking to buy a “Better Burger” Franchise?
Consider the Anti-Franchise!

There are so many Burger Joints and an unbelievable amount of Burger Franchises. Some are great while some raise the question, “why would anyone buy into that chain?” … or really into any franchise for that matter?

If money was no object perhaps, then maybe a McDonalds or Wendy’s would be the exception. But if you seek to own your own burger business without the need of those deep pockets, take a closer look at A-Frame Charburgers, the new contender in the popular “Better Burger” segment of the foodservice industry.

There are many differences that set A-Frame Charburgers apart from the better burger franchises but the most notable is that we are not a franchise, in fact we’re The Anti-Franchise and we’re offering spirited entrepreneurs the benefits of a franchise without being held hostage to the whims of the franchisor and without becoming a financial benefactor to their monthly coffers. As you read through this, you’ll come to realize on your own that the theory of licensing in place of franchising is just good common sense that can help you to realize your future quicker.

People wanting to live their American Dream look to open their own business. Many will look to franchising as the answer, finding comfort in being a part of a proven system. The truth is that even with a proven system, business success will rely on the location, the management and the attention that they are willing to devote to that business.

Let’s look at the “Buy a Franchise” scenario

You’ll pay an initial franchise fee of say, $35,000 plus. This is your “buy in” to their system and that’s fair… After all, they developed it and they made it easy for you by helping to circumvent the costly mistakes associated with starting a new business by holding your hand during the process of opening a new store(s).

The next step is the costs that you will incur to purchase equipment and furnishings, rent, and other expenses… Again, totally necessary and understandable that you should have to pay these.

Now your store opens and reality sets in… You will spend your time; give all of your effort, and shoulder all of your expenses from now on for the life of your store(s) and again, this are exactly what should happen… Except now, from the day that you open, you will have all of the responsibilities above and you will also have to live with other people, non-owners, having total control over what you say and do in your own business, and you’ll be paying for that “privilege” monthly for the life of your store… on average, 7 to 9 cents on every dollar that you earn. You’ll also have to regularly contribute to an advertising fund whether the ads benefit you directly or not and should they decide to update their stores, signs or anything else, you can also be forced to comply at Your Expense.

To be fair, you should have to pay residual money for support, but franchise royalties across the board are pretty stiff and they can be a real burden to new businesses. There is a better way! It’s licensing and it’s becoming much more popular because it makes total sense.

As you read on, forget anything that may resemble hype and simply process the facts for yourself. You’ll likely arrive to your own conclusion that this is a very viable and sensible alternative to both going it alone or buying a franchise. If you’re liking the idea of owning your own Burger Joint, you will come to recognize the value of an A-Frame Charburgers location. It’s a great concept with a contemporary image, people love the food, it’s a proven system and it will save you serious dollars.

Now let’s look at “The Anti-Franchise”

You’ll pay a one-time amount of $27,500. We’ll call it a consulting fee because in essence that’s really what it is… You’ll receive all of our proprietary information, research, procedures, sources, advertising, experience, training and support. We’ll spend the time with you, helping you to efficiently shop, build, open and become fully operational. You’ll receive comprehensive training until you’re comfortable with all there is to know. True, this is a “buy in” to our system just like a franchise and again, it’s also fair seeing as we invested in its development. Like the more expensive franchise, we make it easier on you by sheltering you from suffering of costly mistakes and holding your hand during the process of opening a new store(s).

The next step is the costs that you will incur to purchase equipment and furnishings, rent, and other expenses… Just like the franchise, totally necessary and understandable that you should have to pay these.

Now your store opens and there is a much more comfortable reality… You will spend your time; give all of your effort, and shoulder all of your expenses from now on for the life of your store(s) and again, this is exactly what should happen… Except now, the store is your own and you will have a choice in what you say and do. All of the support will still be there for you, not forced upon you and you will not be a slave to those expensive monthly franchise royalties.

The A-Frame Charburgers expansion model is rooted in creating a collective of like-minded owners that are dedicated to building the A-Frame Charburgers brand together as a team. We are a burger business consultancy sharing and licensing our A-Frame Charburgers brand and system and we subscribe to the basic truth of “strength in numbers”. By growing together and working together, we all grow and we all benefit. We show you what we do and why we do it; We don’t force you to do anything and we don’t make the erroneous claims of how much money you’re going to make like the franchises do because realistically, we don’t know for sure and either do they… The formula is simple, we’ll illustrate the food costs and our retail price point suggestions; From there it’s strictly up to the location traffic, marketing, merchandising, management, and your own initiative.

As an A-Frame licensee, there is an easy to meet flat fee of $100. per week (per location) which gives you access to all of the brand benefits, a constant stream of digital and print advertising slicks, store promotion ideas and designs, discounted ad materials and undying phone, email and text support. We do need to make it clear however that money alone will not grant you an A-Frame Charburgers license. We are looking for like-minded people, ambitious operators that have the hunger, vision and personality to grow a business.

Here’s the long and the short of it… If you decide that you’d like to open your own burger joint, even if you have restaurant experience, the chances are very high that you will make many, many expensive mistakes…Some you’ll recover from, some you won’t. In a nutshell, this is why franchises are so popular. As the Anti-Franchise, we have all systems down to a science which makes us as good as or better than many of the large franchises out there, but unlike them, we won’t penalize you every month just because you had the ambition to make sales!

It’s really a very simple and straightforward formula… As an A-Frame Charburgers licensee, you will become an integral member of a club of energetic entrepreneurs that share the same vision. You’ll be walked through every aspect of build-out, décor, equipment, furniture, recipes, cooking, serving techniques, procedures, customer service, food sources, ordering, branding, marketing, uniforms, opening and closing procedures, printed collateral, digital marketing, in-store merchandising, point of sale equipment acquisition, programming, signage & more… All researched to be amongst the best in our industry and to make the experience of every customer visiting an A-Frame Charburgers location perfect, consistent and memorable.

Please by all means, shoot as many holes in this as you wish… I look forward to discussing this with you further and answering all of your questions. Please feel free to call me on my cell at (386)290-6528 or send me an email with any questions. You can also fill out a “Consideration” form by Clicking Here.

Tim Papadeas

A-Frame Charburgers License Manager


Notice Regarding the A-Frame Charburgers License Program - This information is intended to offer for sale, our consulting services and the license to use the A-Frame Charburgers Brand and associated procedures and advertising. A-Frame Charburgers is not a Franchisor and does not offer Franchises for sale. There is no Prospectus, Pre-sale registration or disclosure requirements as we are acting in the strict capacity of consultant outlining a path and offering advice on opening a hamburger restaurant. We make no claims or promises as to income or business success. We present a package of suggested restaurant equipment, furnishings, recipes, associated décor and advertising initiatives all with specific guidelines as to the “look and feel” of the A-Frame Charburgers Brand. As Licensor, we disclose and share with a potential licensee all of our knowledge of restaurant operation, the good and also the not so good. An A-Frame Licensee becomes one by choice and is not required to adhere to any rules and regulations beyond maintaining the good image guidelines and reputation of the A-Frame Charburgers Brand. A Licensee can exit the A-Frame Charburgers License Agreement at any time, for any reason and without fiscal penalty whatsoever. Licensor can exit the A-Frame Charburgers License Agreement pursuant to termination guidelines set forthand mutually accepted by Licensor and Licensee.

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